The Old Man Surf Club started six years ago on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

The idea came to founder Vince Simansky while sitting in the line up waiting for the next set.

“I looked around and saw that I was the oldest person out there, including my friends who were with me,” Vince remembered. “I also noticed that my surfing style was different, more ‘old school’ or ‘classic’ … no airs or radical moves, just down the line, smooth, and fluid. Don’t get me wrong, I admire their style, but it is not mine. I don’t know if I could do it if I wanted to after knee surgery and two back surgeries!”

So almost as a joke, Vince came up with The Old Man Surf Club for us older guys.

Now some of you might get mad when defining “old.”.

You have to be 35 or older to join. Now, for the record,  Vince is now 46 and started the club at 40.  He says he intends to surf until he can no longer pick up his board and paddle out, which he hopes to be at least another 40+ years. The “old” in Old Man Surf Club is more for the older way of surfing – smooth, fluid, and sharing waves – not going for every one as if it were life or death – and being able to go out on knee-high days on a longboard – even proud to just own one. It is more a mindset than an measure of age, but since most guys don’t get that mindset until after they settle down, that is where the 35-plus definition comes from.

Also, if you look closely at the logo you will see that the surfer’s gut is hanging over his shorts. This is because as we get older and get jobs, families, etc., we tend to put on a few pounds.  That doesn’t stop you from surfing; you just need a thicker board.

Anyway that is what we are about.